Real Marketing for Real Results

Simply put, we put together dream teams to
help you reach your marketing goals.

So often, marketing agencies become chameleons.  They say that they are an expert in any and every client’s industry or that the industry doesn’t matter.  They push a fit with their existing team.  St. Somewhere Holdings’ approach is very different – build the team around the client’s needs, not the other way around.  We solicit the best talent around to create a dream team specific for each client.

The Marketing Division Story…
We don’t have “employees,” “staff” or “worker bees.”  Instead, we have true teams.  They are independent marketing professionals coming together to help you reach your goals under the direction of our experienced marketing leadership.  They are independently thinking individuals and each one brings to the table a unique perspective.  We encourage creativity, building ideas, looking from different perspectives, testing and exploring new ideas.  So, don’t be surprised if the St. Somewhere marketing team comes to you with a totally different and unique approach.

We’re efficient, fast-moving and streamlined.  Our  culture doesn’t include high-dollar office space; cubicles; water-cooler bound support staff; large payrolls filled with deadweight; time clocks; or the type of people that like to punch the clock.  What this means for clients – no large overhead that is passed on to you.  You will only pay for the services that you receive and the talented individuals working on your project.  Excuse the cliché but we would rather you get the most bang out of your marketing buck.

We are focused on your goals.  Whether it’s increasing revenue, heightening awareness, promoting an event, controlling a crisis situation or something else, St. Somewhere’s marketing division is here to partner with you.


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